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‘Bass music’ is an umbrella term for various different genres like Trap, Tropical, Global, Dubstep, Drum ’n Bass, Garage and certain styles of House where the bass plays a dominant role in the music. Quite some time ago in England the genre ‘UK Bass’ emerged and nowadays is known across the whole world. Dutch Trance, Hardstyle, House and Techno producers are also getting a lot of international acclaim, however The Netherlands has a lot more to offer. This is one of the reasons that Amsterdam based record label Basserk decided to push ‘Dutch Bass’ in early 2013.

Dutch Bass is a collective noun (genre) and a mark for high quality produced bass music from The Netherlands. Dutch Bass is known for its dark and exciting atmosphere with extreme depth and it’s raw vibe, naturally the bass plays a very important role.

Basserk is not claiming to be the exclusive owner of the new Dutch Bass term, but more as the founders and collaborators. The label is hoping that more artists and labels will adopt the term and start using it for their releases and events. This way Dutch Bass can really come to life and in time become a globally accepted genre.

On the 29th of January in 2013, Frenquency’s EP titled “Me On Power” gave the start signal for Basserk’s Dutch Bass releases. During the same year releases for Subp Yao, Deon Custom, Fellow, Guessbeats & Kidmalone and Boemklatsch followed. For the last 3 months of the year there are a couple of extra releases planned, including releases from Frenquency, Fellow, Maloki, Levingtquartre and BoeBoe.

In March 2013 the first event took place in the EKKO (Utrecht). The night featured performances from BoeBoe, Frenquency, Bronstibock, Blaxton x Jarreau and special guest Krampfhaft (Rwina Records, Saturate!). Since this Dutch bass events have featured artists like Fellow, Schlachtofbronx, Guerilla Speakers, Subp Yao, Guessbeats & Kidmalone, Boemklatsch ... and the list continues.

Providing you with all this great music is not the job of just one person, it's the taste of a selection of artists within the Dutch Bass scene all collected in one place. We like to make some things a little easier for you.
The Basserk boys.
Yes the guys who started the label are active contributors to this blog, but what did you expect?

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